Web 2.0 Development
September 29, 2009
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September 29, 2009

WordPress is a user-friendly and customizable comfortable open source project. Originally WP is an open source blog publishing application and today it established as SEO-friendly and rich media solution for CMS (content management systems), too. WordPress even supports user access management for multi-user platforms and communities as well as social networks. Focused on user experience and high web standards this software has become a mature and stable product and is well-known as leader of web 2.0 applications.
Our experienced WordPress developers are masters in creating and implementing WordPress powered websites, web apps and will even integrate WP with third party tools and existing systems.
There is a huge variety of themes for WordPress blogs and also content pages. These are ready-to-go web designs and very cheap and affordable templates.
Online Solution Int designs and develops custom high-end WordPress themes that can be integrated with your WordPress blog or WordPress CMS website. We can also optimize your WP for search engines (SEO).

Furthermore, we offer WordPress upgrade, consultation and maintenance services.

If You are looking for extra service regarding a WordPress Site or Blog, let’s know what you are looking for:

  • WordPress Basics: SetUp, Installation and Configuration as blog or web 2.0 content website
  • PlugIn/Extension/AddOn – setup, implementation, modification and development
  • WordPress Multi User, Blogging Services, User Access Management
  • Custom theme development, Conversion of existing templates or screendesigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • API Creation
  • Data Migration from other systems, Theme Conversion
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • Wordpress Vulnerability Checks & Security Scan

In comparison to other CMS, experience has shown that WordPress solutions reduce costs for administration, maintenance and decreases running costs, but provides high capability of movement.
That’s why we recommend WP solutions for content pages, portals and blogs in general.