Since 2008 our German web project provides native websites for mobile phone users. It offers mobile blogs and small web services like weather forecast, financial tools and a dictionary for free. The services are for both mobile end-users and Desktop-PC user. Most customers for mobile websites asked us to develop rich solutions for restaurants, […]

As special service provider, we accept screendesigns and convert them into (X)HTML regarding the high standards and clear structure. Of course, no table layout or outdated constructs. As input You can send us a PSD, PDF, PNG or similar as screendesign and we will convert it into (X)HTML. The price for psd2html conversions depends on […]

Online Solution Int can scan your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and solve issues related to security. In addition to the vulnerability check, the encrypted passwords will be checked to reduce the webmaster’s risk. Furthermore, file permissions, database security, crypt versions and backend protection for admin security purpose comes with this check.

Widgets are an essential part of the web 2.0 revolution and count as must-have for web-service and web-application providers. Usuallly we develop API and export scripts together with widget solutions. Of course, the widgets can read out the data from database directly, too. Just have a look at the following list to find out what […]

Online Solution Int develops osCommerce applications for shops and convinces of experts for osCommerce Development Shop Customization Shop Design osc SEO (Search Engine Optimization) We recommend osCommerce in general for ecommerce solutions, but if you prefer a Magento Shopping Cart, let’s know about that and we will serve your request.

WordPress is a user-friendly and customizable comfortable open source project. Originally WP is an open source blog publishing application and today it established as SEO-friendly and rich media solution for CMS (content management systems), too. WordPress even supports user access management for multi-user platforms and communities as well as social networks. Focused on user experience […]

We provide web 2.0 as state of the art for You. In addition to developing own web 2.0 software, we support open source creators. To meet the new requirements for modern web applications, we offer Next-generation Portals Rich Internet Applications/AJAX GUI Single-Page-Forms, Preloading and asynchronous interactions Real-Time Outputs through database connections Mash-ups (enterprise, commercial, incommercial […]



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